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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bollywood Bridal Look: Let's Get Married!

Hello my loves, hope everyone is having a very happy holiday with their loved ones. I am  looking forward to the New Year and putting another year behind me. Aside from all of that, I had some spare time on my hands to do a completely different look from all the other FOTD's and Simple Looks! This look has made me really excited and I hope you all enjoy it too!! So here it goes...

Eyes: Mac's Heritage Rouge Pigment
Mac's Goldmine e/s
Mac's Flip
Highlight: Mac's RoseBlanc &Mac's Retrospeck e/s
Lined the eyes w/ Mac's Blacktrack Fluidline
Mascara: Zoomlash + Quo Lashes in 809

Face: CoverFx Foundation in B15
Cheeks: Kept it simple and skipped the contour, I used a little bit of Nuance on the
apples of my cheek

Lips: This was the trickiest part because I wanted a deep purple lip so
I decided to make my own colour by first applying Kirsch Slimshine by Mac
and topped it off my Mac's Pink Nouveau

For the Accessories I bought some bindhis and just got creative with the application.

This look is quite dramatic but for Hindu/Bollywood weddings the brides are adorned with
jewels from the top of their heads to the tip of their feet and it is quite gorgeous.
Their look is usually accompanied with mehndhi on their hands and feet along with floral garlands.
Well..I hope you enjoy this look and thank you so much for stopping by!

Have a great one !!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

FOTN: Look using all greens

So, since there is absolutely no green left in the city of Toronto due to the cold, and snow, I brought the greens out myself! Another face of the day, I thought I would change it up a bit and use some brighter colours on the eyes and keep a nude lip. I hope you guys enjoys this look.

Eyes: Mac's Bitter and Mac's Lime e/s (inner corner)
Bitter is my all time favorite green e/s, I love the way it comes on and is so easy to work with.
I blended that out with Mac's Talent Pool e/s and the outer V consists of Mac's Teal pigment, this pigment is beautiful aswell.
Mac's Zoomllash for the lashes, you can certainly add falsies, but I kept it simple and lined the eyes with Mac's Fluidline.

For the face : Mac's NC42 Mineralize Skin Finish
Cheeks: I contoured with Mac's Deep Dark and Finished off with Mac's Nuance on the cheeks.

For the Lips: I used a new lipstick I bought at the sale called Colour Crafted, and I topped it off
with a nude lipglass called C-Thru.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this FOTN!
Have a great one!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Simple FOTD for a night out

Another simple FOTD I tried Nyx's Lipstick in Miracle and
paired it up with a neutral eye look including Mac's Goldmine and Mac's Go e/s.
Hope you girls enjoy this look!

Mac Nailpolish in Seasonal Peach

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Do you remove your makeup before going to bed?

After speaking with some friends about their makeup regimen I realized that
most girls don't remove their makeup before hitting the sac.
They told me that they are either too tired and lazy because it is been a long day
of work or just a very busy day overall.
Even after a party or any event you just want to go home
and rip those heels off your feet and jump into bed.
It may seem like nothing at first but there is a price to pay for not removing your makeup.

Did you know?...
  • That the chemicals in your foundation and other cosmetics will sink into your pores overnight preventing your skin from breathing?
  • That your skin is more prone to breakouts if makeup is left overnight?

  • That your skin may not only be clogged with makeup but also pollution, cigarette smoke, and other toxins throughout the day?

  • That bacteria can build up on your mascara and cause eye infections such as Bacterial Conjunctivitis (an infection caused by bacteria that has made it's way into the eye area). You may have seen people with a bump in their eye or on the outside.This bump is caused by our eyelash follicles or glands in the eye being clogged by debris of dirt, bacteria, and makeup. This bump is otherwised called a Stye and believe me it is NOT attractive.

  • That a long term affect of makeup left on the skin overnight  is early aging?
Our faces leave lasting impressions and it is the first thing that other people look at when meeting you,
it is important to be sanitary when it comes to cosmetics and make sure to throw away cosmetics that are expired, have an odd consistency over a long period of time, or even has a changed smell which is unpleasant.

Let's be Safe than Sorry!

I hope this post will take 2 minutes out of your busy lifestyle to realize the important of  makeup removal & promote a heallthy and hygienic addition to your skin care routine!!

Eyes: Simple FOTD

In this FOTD I used my HD MUFE foundation in #173.

Eyes: Quad from Artistry in Medium
Mac's Black Track Fluidline
Mac's Zoomlash in Black

Cheeks: Mac's Refined Golden

Lips: Body Shop's Lipstick in # 42
I really like this colour because it is matte yet
does not dry out the lips.

I wanted to add that I have a new found love for animal print scarves, I just got this
cheetah print scarf and I just love how it is so bold and how it brought out my outfit.
I got this scarf at H&M for about 14$, if I find any more animal prints
at better prices I am definitely going to make a collection out of it. 

Thanks for stopping by Beautifuls!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Eyes: Orange and Brown

Merry Christmas to all and their families. May you share your holidays
with the ones that you love most!
So, this Christmas break seems to be really hectic with all the dinners,
and family coming over all the time. I barely find time to upload my pictures or to even write a blog post. I just got back from Christmas Mass and this will be the only chance I get to update my blog before another hectic day tomorrow with everybody over.
Hope you enjoy this look and have a happy holiday!

Face: Cover Fx in B15 foundation

Eyes: Mac's Rule e/s
Mac's Go e/s

Cheeks: Mac's Dark MSF

Lips: Mac's Boy Bait

Falsies: Quo in 108

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Date Night: Purple Smokey

Smoked out dark soul with passionate and endless love..
perfect night time makeup, I did not add false lashes
but you certainly can to spice up the look a little more :)

Hope everyone is having a great holiday, I just got off exams and have been missing my
blog dearly. I officialy have diagnosed myself with bloggers addict? I have been
thinking about my blog non stop and was just anticipating on doing all these
new looks. Well here goes, I did this look for a night out with that special someone, it is a black/pink/purple smokey eye which is super sexy. I paired the look up with a neutral lip and just stuck
to a contour since the eyes are dramatic.

Eyes: Mac's Dark Soul Pigment
Passionate e/s
Endless Love e/s

For the primer I used Mac's fluid line and blended it really well before applying the pigment,
I blended all three colours transitioning the black to the purple to the pink.
Lined the eyes with Mac's fluidline and used Estee Lauder's
volumizing mascara.

Cheeks: Contoured using Dark Brown Bronzer
Lips: NYX lipgloss in Beige

Hope you enjoy this look and thank you so much
for stopping by.
Have a safe and Happy Holiday!

Stay Beautiful inside and out.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Subtle Smokey Blue/Grey : Mac's Tone Grey L/E Quad

Hello Loves, I did a very quick and simple look with
this l/e grey & blue eyeshadow quad. I used the lightest colour on the inner corner and
blended it outwards with the two middle toned colours and smoked out the look
with the darkest blue. To enhance the look you can add a darker black blue shadow to your outer " V",
this will definitely intensify the look. I decided to keep it more simple. 
I kept the lips neutral and just contoured my cheeks using a
dark brown bronzer with no shimmer.
Hope you guys enjoy this look, and let me know what you think.
Happy Holidays!

Final look!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Red and Nude Lips

Don't let red lipsticks scare you away, if you pair up red lips with a neutral eye look anyone
can pull it off.
TIP: If you have full lips , try and keep it matte as this will keep the look put together and not draw so much attention to your lips,
If you have smaller lips , add a gloss on top of the lipstick to make your lips look full.

NYX Lipstick in Miracle paired with Mac's -Fan-Plastico

NYX Lipstick in Power Paired with Mac's cremesheen glass in Ever So Rich

Have a Good One ;)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Who doesn't want luscious lips? How exfoliating is so Important!

Exfoliation is basically removing the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin that are just accumulating! Exfoliation does not only apply to the lips, you can exfoliate anywhere but I am going to concentrate this post on lip exfoliates. To maintain your lips and keep them healthy they need to be taken care of, just applying layers of chapstick does not do the trick. You need to start off with a fresh canvas which would be exfoliated lips in order to proceed with better application of lipsticks,lipgloss, even chapstick.

How to exfoliate:

This does not need to be expensive, you can make lip exfoliants in your own kitchen. Just combine honey and an abrasive salt or sugar, if you want to keep it sweet than stick to sugar. Honey keeps your skin hydrated, so hydrated lips means softer, supple, and more attractive lips. The combination of sugar will keep it gentle on the lips by removing the dead skin cells as well.

Mix the combination and apply the exfoliant to your lips with a cotton ball, using gentle pressure massage away the dead skin cells. This will also bring blood flow to your lips which will leave them a bright rosy colour. Wipe off the excess and apply a lip moisturizer of your choice to lock it all in. Practice this about once a week and you will see how chapped lips disappear.

Keep your kisser in the A-game ;).

A Haul to Satisfy a Very Stressful Exam Week!!

Hello my loves, my apologies for disappearing off the face of the earth. Exams have been extremely overwhelming and the weather does not set the mood right either. I just found out that because of some internal fire at my university all exams for this week have been postponed, you may have guessed that I am jumping for joy!!!! So I thought, what's better than a haul post of some additions to my makeup addiction!

In Toronto, we're fortunate enough to have Estee Lauder/Mac Warehouse sales,
so if you missed out on limited edition Mac products you can purchase them at the sales
and what's better is that they are at reduced prices :). Gotta love these sales.

My favourite colour out of the Mac Spring Colour Forecast: Crushed metal pigments.
This dark violet colour is so easy to work with, it seems chunky like the solar bits but
I found that there was minimal fall out and blends well.

Golden Crown is from Mac Tartan Tale : I am going to be honest,
I only bought this one because of the plaid imprint on the eyeshadow, it is
not pigmented at all I would just use this on the inner corner for a pop of shimmer, or as a brow highlight.

Left to Right : Profusion, Underplay, Colour Crafted and Bubbles.

I was amazed by the staying power of these Gosh Nail Polishes, they apply easily
and the matte colours are gorgeous, I am wearing Wild Lilac (571) in the pictures.
It's been about 4 days of wear and tear and I did not apply a top coat since I was in a rush and 
the polish is holding through. Definitely grabbing more of these! 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Winter-proof yourself !!

The winters in Toronto tend to get really cold and basically everything from your
hair to your lips to your skin get all chapped and dried up. I tried using all kinds of
lip products such as blistex and body shop lip balms and nothing has sealed in the moisture
like Burt's Bee's lip Balm!! 
The reason why Burt's Bees lipbalm is so great is because of the coconut and sunflower oil that is incorporated into their formula.
Coconut oil is really moisturizing for hair, skin and lips.
Another tip: try heating up some coconut oil to a warm temperature and massage it throughout your hair and skin. This will get the blood flow running to your scalp which encourages hair growth and shine, this also prevents the dryness on your scalp which causes dandruff in the winter time.
Your lips, hair and skin will lovee you.
Give yourself a coconut oil massage, you deserve it ;).

What animal are your lips?

It was freezing out and I was bored at home,
so I thought...
let's get creative!!!
I recreated this panda look using the NYX pencil in milk and
simply drawing in the features of the panda bear with a
black eye liner on my lips.
So check out these panda-fied lips!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010