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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Do you remove your makeup before going to bed?

After speaking with some friends about their makeup regimen I realized that
most girls don't remove their makeup before hitting the sac.
They told me that they are either too tired and lazy because it is been a long day
of work or just a very busy day overall.
Even after a party or any event you just want to go home
and rip those heels off your feet and jump into bed.
It may seem like nothing at first but there is a price to pay for not removing your makeup.

Did you know?...
  • That the chemicals in your foundation and other cosmetics will sink into your pores overnight preventing your skin from breathing?
  • That your skin is more prone to breakouts if makeup is left overnight?

  • That your skin may not only be clogged with makeup but also pollution, cigarette smoke, and other toxins throughout the day?

  • That bacteria can build up on your mascara and cause eye infections such as Bacterial Conjunctivitis (an infection caused by bacteria that has made it's way into the eye area). You may have seen people with a bump in their eye or on the outside.This bump is caused by our eyelash follicles or glands in the eye being clogged by debris of dirt, bacteria, and makeup. This bump is otherwised called a Stye and believe me it is NOT attractive.

  • That a long term affect of makeup left on the skin overnight  is early aging?
Our faces leave lasting impressions and it is the first thing that other people look at when meeting you,
it is important to be sanitary when it comes to cosmetics and make sure to throw away cosmetics that are expired, have an odd consistency over a long period of time, or even has a changed smell which is unpleasant.

Let's be Safe than Sorry!

I hope this post will take 2 minutes out of your busy lifestyle to realize the important of  makeup removal & promote a heallthy and hygienic addition to your skin care routine!!

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