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Monday, December 27, 2010

Simple FOTD for a night out

Another simple FOTD I tried Nyx's Lipstick in Miracle and
paired it up with a neutral eye look including Mac's Goldmine and Mac's Go e/s.
Hope you girls enjoy this look!

Mac Nailpolish in Seasonal Peach


  1. That's a great shade of lipstick! I like the polish on you. It's such a natural nude color. Not flashy! :)

    Join my international giveaway if you're interested. Greetings from California! :)

  2. Hey Jen! It's sweet of you to follow me and join my giveaway. :)

    I'm definitely following you back! <3

  3. :) not a problem Toni, can't wait for you to announce the winners *fingers crossed*, thanks for the lovely giveaway!

    Jen xoxo


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