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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Winter-proof yourself !!

The winters in Toronto tend to get really cold and basically everything from your
hair to your lips to your skin get all chapped and dried up. I tried using all kinds of
lip products such as blistex and body shop lip balms and nothing has sealed in the moisture
like Burt's Bee's lip Balm!! 
The reason why Burt's Bees lipbalm is so great is because of the coconut and sunflower oil that is incorporated into their formula.
Coconut oil is really moisturizing for hair, skin and lips.
Another tip: try heating up some coconut oil to a warm temperature and massage it throughout your hair and skin. This will get the blood flow running to your scalp which encourages hair growth and shine, this also prevents the dryness on your scalp which causes dandruff in the winter time.
Your lips, hair and skin will lovee you.
Give yourself a coconut oil massage, you deserve it ;).


  1. Have to love the Burts Bees =)
    I'm from Calgary, so definitely know what you mean about the ccccold winters.

  2. wonderful post! Thank you!!!

    would <3 if you came and visited my website :) xoxo Summer


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