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Monday, December 13, 2010

Who doesn't want luscious lips? How exfoliating is so Important!

Exfoliation is basically removing the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin that are just accumulating! Exfoliation does not only apply to the lips, you can exfoliate anywhere but I am going to concentrate this post on lip exfoliates. To maintain your lips and keep them healthy they need to be taken care of, just applying layers of chapstick does not do the trick. You need to start off with a fresh canvas which would be exfoliated lips in order to proceed with better application of lipsticks,lipgloss, even chapstick.

How to exfoliate:

This does not need to be expensive, you can make lip exfoliants in your own kitchen. Just combine honey and an abrasive salt or sugar, if you want to keep it sweet than stick to sugar. Honey keeps your skin hydrated, so hydrated lips means softer, supple, and more attractive lips. The combination of sugar will keep it gentle on the lips by removing the dead skin cells as well.

Mix the combination and apply the exfoliant to your lips with a cotton ball, using gentle pressure massage away the dead skin cells. This will also bring blood flow to your lips which will leave them a bright rosy colour. Wipe off the excess and apply a lip moisturizer of your choice to lock it all in. Practice this about once a week and you will see how chapped lips disappear.

Keep your kisser in the A-game ;).


  1. My lips have turned darker than there natural colour. I think it is because of my change in chapstick. Will exfoliating help me?

  2. the similar situation happened with my sister and she switched her chapstick immediately and exfoliated. It will help you over time. If you are using a lipgloss/chapstick with a mint flavour, switch to something with natural oils/honey in it. This way it won't irritate the skin, Goodluck!

  3. Same thing happened to me and I just tried what you said and it worked!! Thanks so much!!


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