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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Subtle Smokey Blue/Grey : Mac's Tone Grey L/E Quad

Hello Loves, I did a very quick and simple look with
this l/e grey & blue eyeshadow quad. I used the lightest colour on the inner corner and
blended it outwards with the two middle toned colours and smoked out the look
with the darkest blue. To enhance the look you can add a darker black blue shadow to your outer " V",
this will definitely intensify the look. I decided to keep it more simple. 
I kept the lips neutral and just contoured my cheeks using a
dark brown bronzer with no shimmer.
Hope you guys enjoy this look, and let me know what you think.
Happy Holidays!

Final look!


  1. Love the look Jen, it looks beautiful on you.


  2. what a beautiful blog you have ! this is a pretty look !

    follow me too ?! =]

  3. Love the look! You've got talent, I had to follow.

  4. you guys are lovely, thanks for pushing me to do these looks <3


I appreciate each and everyone's comment, you guys are my motivation.Thank you. xoxo