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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Review : Cover Fx Foundation

The new love of my life!

If you are looking for a foundation that covers anything such as
scars, acne, burn marks, and blemishes this foundation is unbelievable!
I have been using Cover Fx foundation in B15 and it amazes me
by the day.


* Easily found my shade which matches perfectly with my skin tone.
* Flawless finish in photographs and I have been getting endless compliments on my skin
*It is such a rich formula so you only need very little application
* Extremely FULL COVERAGE! It even covers up unwanted birth marks with a little dab,
I was amazed!!
*Packaging is compact
*The makup is extremely long lasting and I do not see any random breakouts
that I have experienced with other foundations/concealers


* I feel that you need to really practice the way you apply the concealer,
it is extremely thick and it feels like you are stretching the skin while applying it.
I do not recommend the foundation for someone that wants a quick application.
I suggest the use of a wet foundation sponge in order to thin out
the consistency of the foundation.

Overall, I cannot say enough positive things about this foundation.
In Canada you can get the foundation at Shoppers Drug Mart or
at Sephora.

Let me know if any of you have used the foundation and
what your opinions are about it.

Have a great one !

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