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Monday, November 29, 2010

Circle Lens Contacts Review


Circle Lens contacts seem to be the new
talk of the town. These contacts literally make
your small pupils into animated eyes!!
I am wearing a dark brown contact lens in
the picture because I did not want them to appear
freakishly different then my original eye colour.
If you do not want anyone to notice I suggest
you go with something close to your original eye colour.
I am a prescription contact wearer so it was easy for me
to pop them in and take them out, the comfort level was also
perfect for a night out.

If you have further questions just leave a comment
and don't forget to follow the blog.

Happy Contact Shopping <3


  1. wowww you are so glamourous! i love what your wearing is that a pencil skirt? can't see the whole pic but wow!

  2. aww thanks hun, it is a black pencil skirt that I paired up with a black and white plaid halter:), I updated the pictures so you can get a better idea :).


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