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Sunday, February 26, 2012

A night out and rebel lipstick

So last night was my friends birthday and I decided to try out rebel lipstick by MAC that I got with the back to mac empties!! It's always exciting when you collect six empties to bring back. I flipped out my hair with my straightener and used a bit of hairspray. Lately, I've been loving a strong cat eye and lipstick. This is a quick and easy look and still looks very glamorous. Instagram has also been the latest addiction of that's where these pictures are from if your wondering about the quality.

Rebel lipstick is really pigmented and it can be vibrant as wearing a red lipstick. I
love the consistency and how a little goes a long way. I decided to use a lipstick brush to
apply the lipstick so it isn't overwhelming, which also gave me more control over the colour. I topped it off with a lighter lipgloss to tone the colour
down. On a braver night  I will wear it with it's full amp!!

Rebel Lipstick - <3 loving the consistency and colour.
Darker skin tones will definitely benefit from this lipcolour,
it's so rich and brings out the finest features.
Simply beautiful!!

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