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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Versatile Products! Beauty Secrets Revealed.

Hello Ladies!

Hope everyone is feeling beautiful today. When I was reading through makeup blogs and beauty magazines I realized that the majority of artists stick to one product for one particular use. Why not make your cosmetics more versatile? This will save you from burning cash and also every girl wants a compact light weight makeup bag! I am going to share some secrets with you that will help to use one product for various other things.

Let's Start off with Pigments!
Who ever said that pigments were only for the eyes? When I use pigments that have a nude shimmer like naked pigment or even vanilla pigment I place this pigment as a highlight on the bridge of my nose, or on my upper cheekbone. This brightens the face and also helps the face appear more symmetrical!
Also, another tip for some sex appeal is dusting a bit right about your lip and on the centre of the lip for a nice pout!
How about eyeshadow?
As we all know eyeshadow is supposed to be applied on your eyes? Well, how about we use to set our lipstick with a similar colour eyeshadow that will allow that lipstick to stay on for a pro-long wear? Why go out and purchase lip products that have a 12 hr wear when you have eyeshadow to set your lipstick!
In most of my makeup looks where I am wearing a pink/peach lipstick the reason why it appears so vibrant is because I lightly apply eyeshadow on top of it. Shhhh!

And as for lipstick?
Yes, we all apply lipstick all over the lips and that's it. Who would assume there is another use for it. However, I applied some of my lightly ripe lipstick, sanitized of course, using my ring finger on my cheeks and it worked as perfectly as any creme blush? If there are any other lipsticks that you wished had come in a great blush colour instead why not sanitize and apply? Benefit also has a great lip/cheek stain that is a great versatile buy!

image taken from San Francisco wholesale site.
Hope these tricks help out each and everyone of you and watch out for other great tips.

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  1. Great post hun! :) Not to bee a creeper but your friend (also my friend hehe), Samantha, referred me to your blog! :D I am now following!


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