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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Stylish Blog Award!

After a really horrible day with bad marks, bad weather and the worst of it all... I decided to seek refuge which is blogging of course and to my surprise the lovely Lilit had made my day with this AWESOME award. Thank you so much Lilit it really means so much to me as it added so much brightness to my very dull day! You guys should really check out her blog, not only for her fantastic makeup tips but to just drool over her macaroons haha :).

So along with this award I have been asked to list 7 things about me:

1) I am from the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, and was born there too.
2) I have two younger sisters ( my makeup goes missing quite often)
3) I love vanilla ice-cream with crepes or waffles, it's a plus if there are strawberries,
and chocolate puree drizzled over them !
4) I can sit by the beach, under the sun, for hours...I prefer summers over winters anytime
5) I don't know how to swim :( sucks for a person that loves the summer days
6) I am a life long learner, I always want to learn new things take ..random courses
7) I have always wanted to visit Egypt and explore the tombs and pyramids!

I want to give this award out to some lovely bloggers, so check them out!

1) Natty's Beauty Blog
2)Polish this
3)Jillie Cat
4)Blogging Beauty and Budgets ( Michelle)
5)Beauty Fulfilled
7)She Likes to Pretend

Check out their beauty blogs, I really enjoy following them and I hope you guys do too.
lastly I want to thank my readers for all the lovely emails & comments, I never thought I would be getting this much positive is such an inspiration!

Thanks lovess!

- Jen xoxoxoxo


  1. Thanks so much for the award!! I don't really know how to swim either, but I could stay afloat by doggy paddling lol!


I appreciate each and everyone's comment, you guys are my motivation.Thank you. xoxo