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Monday, January 3, 2011

My Top 10 Pigments

Hello girls, hope everyone is doing well as the holiday madness is over and we are now back to reality with work or school! The break was refreshing as I really needed the time off to just not think about exams or assignments. I wanted to brighten up the mood a bit and show you guys my top 10 most favorite pigments, I believe some of these are L/E however I am sure you can do a swap or two on makeupalley to find any of these.

Call it OCD, call it whatever you like...I don't know why but I just love keeping my makeup in it's original packaging even though I do use it. I find I can store it better and it just looks more tidy. I tried several times to throw away the boxes but it just doesn't feel right, so bare with me.

Top Left: Gold stroke, Royal Flush, Tea Time, Melon, Rushmetal
Bottom Left: Dark Soul, Mutiny, Kitchmas,Teal, Golden Lemon

What are some of your favorite pigments , leave a comment below as I would
love to try out new pigments and add them to my collection.

Thank you so much for stopping by!
Have a good one!


  1. that is a gorgeous collection you got going there i love the golden lemon one its beautiful x

  2. it's beautiful isnt it, I cannot wait to do a look with that pigment!


  3. I have been wanting to get my hands on the Melon pigment. and I've been in a constant debate whether I should buy a whole jar or just buy a sample from some other site. but every time I see a swatch of it, I can't stop lemming over it.

  4. I really want Melon now! I think i'll be purchasing it next

  5. you can never get enough of melon, it goes on like silk and compliments every skin tone!

  6. Those are all GORGEOUS! Goldstroke, Melon, and Golden Lemon are my top picks. Have to get them!

  7. great swatches! i think i need that melon pigment!! xo


I appreciate each and everyone's comment, you guys are my motivation.Thank you. xoxo